I sit, the television on to a movie I have no interest in watching.

Yet, I feel as if I can’t do anything.  I just sit with a hollow feeling.





Screw that.


My first birthday without my brother…. not very damn happy.

Many years ago, I purchased the Fine Young Cannibals (great band name), “The Finest” CD.  The FYC reached popularity for two major plays on the radio, ”She drives Me Crazy,” and “Good Thing.”  However, “The Finest” is a great album and you’ll probably hear a few songs that sound familiar; such as, “The Flame”, “Johnny Come Home” and “Funny How Love Is”.  Those songs, I’m pretty sure have had radio playtime.

I’ve owned the CD for many years and recently loaded it into the car, and I forgot how top-to-bottom a great listen it is.

Track Listings

1. She Drives Me Crazy
2. The Flame
3. Johnny Come Home
4. Good Thing
5. Suspicious Minds (Cover of Elvis’ song)
6. Blue
7. Ever Fallen In Love
8. Don’t Look Back
9. Tell Me What
10. I’m Not The Man I Used To Be
11. Couldn’t Care More
12. Funny How Love Is
13. Take What I Can Get
14. Since You’ve Been Gone

I highly suggest that if you see the CD in a Half-Price Books, garage sale, or where ever, that you pick it up.  It is a can’t miss.

A bonus, is Roland Gift’s voice – unique in every way, but stellar.

Plus, he played Xavier St. Cloud in the Highlander TV series.  You really can’t go wrong!

Just know, he won’t take your head, and they’re not likely to put you in a cauldron and boil you for supper.

I was on ESPN tonight, just checking out the latest news in sports, when I saw the WNBA’s draft was tonight.

I knew the superstar Brittey Griner would go first, she’s a stellar player.  Then I saw who was drafted second, by the Chicago Sky, Elena Delle Donne from Delaware.

Now, I don’t watch much women’s basketball either college or pro, so I didn’t know Delle Donne.   What I do know is it triggered a memory about Steve.

He and I, since the ’70s, had a slew of made-up, or intentionally misspoken words.  One of our made-up words was “dellet-dellet-done”, normally said with a slightly Grover-ish voice.  I’m not even sure it was ever written down before… but that’s how I imagine it would be spelt.


Here’s to hoping Elena “Dellet-Dellet-Della” Donne has a great career.  I’m a new fan.

So, I wanted something to create with Sketchbook tonight and my son, just happened to have a container of cotton candy on the table.

I thought I’d create the container, put in the cotton candy, then label the container.  I’ve accomplished some of it, but not yet finished.  Here is my first run, using the laptop’s touch pad.

I left comments in the image to give an idea of how I was trying to use the tools to create this.





I’ll hopefully work on this more tomorrow.

I just watched a video at the Today show website, “Disabled gamers find freedom in video games“.  It is about a foundation, AbleGamers, and they totally kick ass.

From their Introduction, they state:

The AbleGamers Foundation serves anyone in need through direct person-to-person services, assistive technology grants, community support, and access to data. We help people afford expensive technology, which allows them the ability to participate in  gaming experiences that  improve their overall quality of life.

I spent the better part of eight years supporting people with disabilities in helping them with workplace accommodations.  My boss was born with spastic cerebral palsy, spent most of each day in a wheelchair, and used text-to-speech software, with his laptop to verbally communicate.  In my time working with him, I cannot begin to count the number of people our group helped and the range of disabilities.

I did some consulting work with students at The Ohio State University and a gentleman in a rehab center, who had been shot, paralyzed and was trying to get back on his feet.  I’m not sure where they are in their personal, nor professional lives now, but I hope I did some good for them.

Mark Barlet, AbleGamers Foundation President, in the video makes a comment that I found true, so many times.  That we often define people with disabilities because of the visible disability.   The stereotypes of talking loud like they cannot hear, stay back because they’re “sick”, speaking to someone else instead of directly at the individual, on and on.

As I spent my time working in the arena, I saw technology grow leaps and bounds for mainstream technology, and it was so impressive to watch the hardware and software developers for assistive technology grasp that technology and do major enhancements to their products.

A funny thing, as time has passed and people with disabilities have been able to streamline more into the world with the help of technology, I still find that spell check software doesn’t recognize “accommodations” and “assistive”.  Catch up with the times.

So, I’m getting over the worst cold I’ve probably ever had in my adult life.

Totally kicked my butt.

I have strep throat with it.  So this past month, I’ve had:

  • Pink Eye
  • A cold sore
  • Strep throat
  • Serious cold
  • Been told I have arthritis

It has been a wonderful month.

My brain isn’t fuzzy and I slept between 15-17 hours yesterday.

Back to the grind of life.

Ok – so my blog is a few days old and I know I have no one checking it, but I need to be in the habit of actually posting information.

I guess if I have themes of what to write about that could help. No?


One of my side-projects I’m working on is a web comic, but I’m not ready to divulge that yet – but I’ve been working on content, I just suck at drawing!  I bought Autodesk’s Sketchbook Pro v6 a couple of weeks back, and that is a great tool.  Once I get used to it, I hope to do amazing (or crap) things with it.


I’ve been part of a writing group for 3+ years and while I enjoy it, it hasn’t helped me write.   I’ve learned a lot, I’ve read many great stories (or pieces).  I just can’t seem to get over the hump of doing it.   It is a great group though, the co-founders have done a great job of making it a friendly atmosphere and not full of stuffy people.

What I have found, is I really don’t remember shit from school about grammar – other than the words used in the group by those giving critiques.  I often feel lost giving critiques and feel ignorant listening to others.   Some of the people are real pros, they write for a living, so they’re up to speed on their stuff.

I think my writer’s block is knowing I’m lost with that stuff.  I need to get past that and just put material down on paper.  I think I have several good ideas, but if I can only get three pages in, what’s it worth?  Nadda.

I think I’m going to start a story on the blog – maybe do 1,000 – 1,500 word posts every week, or multiple times a week and use that to get moving to a habit of writing.


I’m also involved with great friends in forming a gaming company.  Right now we are working on several game concepts and one has been test played and one hopefully will be test played in the weeks to come.   That would be a dream job to do that for a living, but right now it is another aspect of life cluttering the calendar.  Though, success in publishing should be coming soon – and THAT is exciting!


I think that is enough random stuff for the day.

The Cincinnati Reds’ 2013 Season kicks off in just about 4 hrs.

A few things to note:

  1. Hell yeah!
  2. Wish Steve were here to celebrate it.
  3. Starting the season against an American League team is just crazy.
  4. This marks two consecutive seasons I have not been in a fantasy league.  That sucks.

I expect the Reds to do very well this year and make it to the post season.  From there… I hope for a World Series ring.  (Not like I’d get one.)

First live post to the new setup.

This blog will be about family, friends, things I’m involved in, humor, and whatever else comes to mind.  Life.  Death.